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Please pass the, oops, never mind!

December 24, 2019


The Mooneys in New York dined with Mooneys in Ireland. Pictured standing is New York Maitre D’ Greg. On the Dublin side was Mateo, who is well known on an Irish TV show called “First Dates Ireland.”



By Irish Echo Staff

Paul Mooney has been living away from his native Limerick for almost a decade.

And he particularly remembers this around Christmas

This year, Paul and his American wife Tara are expecting their second child so a trip to Ireland was not possible.

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But a 2019 visit back to Ireland would have been extra special and important because Paul’s father, Donie, has been suffering from a rare form of bone marrow cancer.

But a family get together still took place.

Paul and Tara dined with their Irish family by way of “The Connected Restaurant” powered by Irish mobile phone operator, Three.

The joyous reunion was captured on camera at Three’s Connected Restaurant as Paul, Tara and their 2-year-old daughter, Maeve, shared the technology-enabled dining experience with Paul’s parents.

“I feel as if we’re at the same table,” was how Paul’s mom summed it all up.

The Mooneys dined on a festive menu designed by Irish-American culinary phenom, Flynn McGarry, who presented fare inspired by the flavors of Christmas and Ireland.

The restaurant was a pop up. The New York side was based at R&D Restaurant in Manhattan and the Irish side was in AsOne on City Quay in Dublin.

The connected gathering can be seen at





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