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2018 Irish Labor 10

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2018 Irish Labor Leader
Thomas A Callahan
President and Business Manager IUOE Local 15 A, B, C, D and H.[/caption]

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Graham McHugh
New York City District Council of Carpenters, President[/caption]

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Erin Gorman
Yonkers Public Schools, Elementary School Teacher and AT Large Elementary Representative for the Yonkers Federation of Teachers[/caption]

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James Coyne
Business Manager, Plumbers Local Union 130 UA[/caption]

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Kevin Monahan
IBEW Local 103, Business Agent/Organizer/Treasurer[/caption]

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Mary Kay Henry
International President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)[/caption]

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Shelli Sonstein
Union Advocate, Q 104.3 Radio NYC Co-host "Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show" & host Gracie award winning "Sonstein Sunday"[/caption]

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Desmond Stafford
Union Delegate/Trustee, NYPD PBA[/caption]

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Michael O'Toole
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 282, Vice President[/caption]

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Erin Darcy
The Consortium for Worker Education, Director of Government Affairs[/caption]