Finbar furey

10 favorites from columnist’s 1st year/ Finbar Furey: “Colours”

In my very first article for the Irish Echo, published in the Jan. 4-10, 2012, issue, I shared with you my New Year's resolution - to step it out, follow my ears to find the best music the city has to offer, and to spread the word to Irish Echo readers about all the music there is to be heard. A look back at 2012 reveals that it was a mighty year for Irish music.

As a rookie music columnist in my first year on the job, my fears about writer's block quickly subsided. Each week that passed, the community proved that there is a deep, deep well of music to explore and share with fellow music lovers.

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So before we dive into the Irish music of 2013, let's take a look back at the best releases of 2012. Here are my top ten picks, in no particular order.

Finbar Furey: “Colours”

The latest release from the Irish musical legend is a mix of fresh renditions of classic Irish songs and powerful original songs. The album features a charming duet with Furey's long-time friend Mary Black, “Walking with My Love,” a really lovely version of the classic song “Dan O'Hara,” and the most heartfelt rendition of Phil Coulter's “The Old Man” that I've ever heard - all with a distinct rhythmic groove that runs through album weaving the songs together beautifully.