Meet the energizer CEO running Revlon

By Maura Kelly

On a recent, balmy Wednesday evening, Alan T. Ennis, President and CEO of Revlon, Inc. joined members of the Irish Business Organization (IBO) to talk about his role at the global cosmetics giant and to share some strategies for professional achievement, writes Maura Kelly.

According to the Dublin-born Ennis, business success is a combination of two factors: ability and opportunity.

Based on his fast-track career path, it's clear that Ennis has the experience, management style, and ability and takes full advantage of opportunities that are presented.

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One major opportunity that he seized was in May 2009 when Ron Pearlman offered him the job of president and CEO at Revlon, Inc. Today, the 42-year-old energetically oversees the $1.4 billion, NYSE-listed company with a presence in over 100 countries and key markets in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK.

In his address to the IBO members and guests, Ennis reviewed his formula for success. As a leader, he noted that you must be strong in your convictions and honest in your dealings, be prepared to seize opportunity when it comes and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Ennis learned early on that a true CEO never works in isolation and recruiting talent and building a strong team is paramount.

"Build, nurture and trust your team, your people are a key to your success," he said. He knows that in today's volatile marketplace, the financial literacy and business acumen of his managers is fundamental to the bottom-line and he focuses on results, looks for clear accountability while promoting open communications.

Ennis is also actively involved in the business, even personally sampling some of the many products. He has gone as far as to test lipsticks and mascara to measure the texture of the products and ensure they are as described. Now that is commitment.

Currently, with over 4,800 employees worldwide, Ennis is working hard to return Revlon to its leadership position in the beauty business by focusing on growing the business and the brands, developing the company's organizational capability and driving Revlon to act globally. It's good to know that Revlon has a small presence in Dublin comprised of several seasoned sales executives.

Underscoring the "ability and opportunity" scenario, prior to his CEO role, Ennis was a numbers wiz at Revlon and held various positions in finance and auditing.

Since 2006, he has been Chief Financial Officer, executive vice president and president of Revlon International, that latter he credits with broadened his knowledge of the global cosmetics landscape and the importance of efficiency standards.

Earlier in his career, Ennis held several senior positions with Ingersoll-Rand Company. He began his business odyssey in 1991 with Arthur Andersen in Dublin and is a chartered accountant. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Dublin, and a Master of Business Administration degree from NYU Stern. Regarding his Irish roots, Alan Ennis's father, Michael, comes from Tipperary and his mother, Maggie, is from Cork. Ennis believes that "being Irish is about perseverance, resilience, and gratitude." He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Michelle, and three young children.

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