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Wallace exile likely to continue

COLOURFUL TD Mick Wallace could face trouble if he tries to return to a group representing independent members of the Irish parliament.

Wallace, famous for eschewing suits and ties in favor of scruffy pink shirts and earrings, was forced to resign from the Dail Technical Group back in June after being found to be a tax cheat, this after under declaring VAT in his construction company.

The row threatened to end his political career, and by leaving the group he lost out on further speaking time in the Dáil.

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However, he could now try to return to the group, though if he does it will be to a less than supportive reaction.

Leader of the Technical Group, Finian McGrath, said: "there are no plans" to allow the Wexford TD re-entry.

"Mick decided to leave and all of our members are satisfied with the current position," the Dublin North-Central TD said.

"All of us have to accept the consequences of our actions, and even though on a human level I am saddened, he has to take and deal with the political consequences."

However, fellow TD Maureen O'Sullivan, who represents Dublin Central has said: "I was one of those people who thought the technical group had no power to push him out in the first place; there was no power to expel him."

One member, who did not wish to be named, was a bit more straightforward with the idea of Wallace returning.

"If he comes back, I'll leave, and so will others," the member said.