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Simple ways to save money on your holiday

Although money is something few of us have to spare right now and holidays may seem like too much of a luxury, you’ve been working very hard for most of the year and you know what, cost or no cost, you deserve a vacation! However, if you want to avoid the inevitable debt of spending too much it’s a good idea to save money on your holiday where you can.

Just follow these simple tips to help ensure you can go on a summer holiday this year whilst keeping the costs down.

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The early bird catches the cheap deals but the night owl catches the mouse

If you book your holiday several months early you're more likely to be able to snap up some cheap deals before they all go. HoweverAlso, there are some decent discounts to be had by snapping up an unsold holiday just days before the departure date.

Be an early, midweek or late flier

Shop around when you're booking flights to make sure you're getting the best possible deal. You're likely to find that the more flexible you are with timings, the better the deal. For example, you might have to fly late at night or very early in the morning. It might also work out cheaper to fly midweek, instead of at weekends.

Spend some time sorting your spending money

Exchange rates can vary considerably from place to place - each one hoping to offer much less competitive rates than those from currency specialists. So it's really important to shop around and get the best currency deals rather than plumping for whatever you can get last minute at the airport. The best deals will be found online, with many offering currency commission-free and the offer of buying back any unused currency once your holiday is over. Keep your options open and do your research, especially if you’re hoping to get the best euro rates.