Leary happy to be actor for hire

After writing, producing and starring in the critically acclaimed firefighter series “Rescue Me” for seven seasons, Denis Leary says he was happy to play the supporting role of New York Police Captain George Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

“It was awesome,” the Worcester, Mass. native told The Irish Echo at a recent press conference in New York.

“3D cameras sometimes need to take a break because they are air conditioned. They’re big rigs and I just go back to my trailer. Watch ‘Sports Center.’ I didn’t have to write anything or fix anything. It was awesome; it was great,” Leary explained.

In the movie, Stacy battles a giant lizard played by Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, while trying to capture Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, who is, of course, dating his beautiful daughter, Gwen, played by Emma Stone.

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So, did the film about a hero and villain who develop super powers through genetic mutation get Leary thinking about scientists going too far and ticking God off?

“Nah. Lapsed Catholic. I now believe there is a God because the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series. I like to think God is a gangly Irish guy, who smokes and drinks and is not the God most people believe in,” Leary, whose parents hail from Killarney, Co. Kerry, told the Echo. “And I flunked science and math in high school. And I still don’t really get science. But I think it would be really cool if you could get bit by a spider and fly around. I’d do that tomorrow. … I don’t know anything about science, but I can recite the entire starting lineup of the 1967 Boston Red Sox and their batting averages. Why wasn’t that on a math test when I was a kid?”