McManus appeals for McGeough, Price

[caption id="attachment_70717" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Fr. Sean McManus."]


Irish National Caucus president, Fr. Sean McManus, has written to North justice minister David Ford over the continued imprisonment of both Gerry McGeough and Marian Price.

McManus, who met Ford in Washington, D.C. during the latter's visit for St. Patrick's Day festivities, followed up with letters focusing on both activists.

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McManus wrote that the case of Tyrone native Gerry McGeough, as with the Price case, was "an outrageous perversion of justice."

Wrote McManus: "I have spoken to Northern Ireland legal and human rights experts and none of them can make any sense of this case, or why Gerry was singled out in such an exceptional way.

"And, again, your reputation is going to be tarnished because of this case. How does all this punitive and vindictive stuff instill confidence in the justice system of Northern Ireland?"

With regard to Price, McManus wrote: "The humanitarian issue is, of course, inherently compelling : Marian should not be treated in such a inhumane way. Moreover, her savage treatment is a terrible indictment of the justice system, and a PR disaster for your office. If mercy does not impel you to facilitate her release, then political-legal common sense should.

"I know you are a just and decent man, you should not let others force you to go down in history as the torturer of Marian Price."