Irish girl in polar record

[caption id="attachment_70871" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Proud dad Richard Donovan pictured here in the Antarctic."]


An Irish girl is on top of the world having broken the record for the youngest person to visit the North Pole.

Eight-year-old Jaimie Donovan already hails from a record-breaking family as she is the daughter of endurance runner Richard Donovan, who recently traveled the globe running a whopping seven marathons on seven continents in just seven days.

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The young adventurer reached the North Pole on Easter Sunday, after traveling in temperatures of minus 26 degrees, with her dad, who was marking the 10th anniversary of an Arctic marathon challenge he has masterminded.

Plucky Jaimie broke the record for youngest person to conquer the Arctic by just one day, as the previous title holder - also the daughter of an explorer - was just 24 hours older when she reached the pole back in 1998.

The Donovan family are in the process of having the remarkable achievement verified by the Guinness Book of Records, while Jaimie, who brought her teddy bear along for the adventure, has already said she wants to return one day, to keep the family's conquering tradition alive.

Speaking after returning to warmer climes, her dad explained how he turned adventure into a family affair.

"I decided to bring Jaimie and my wife Caroline this year as it was the 10th year of the race and they were long overdue a trip to see what I've been working hard to achieve for the last decade," he said.

"It was a simple coincidence that she seems to be the youngest to stand up there. I was just proud of her very good behavior and the fact she took the trip in her stride at her age, embracing the adventure."

The Arctic marathon course founded by Richard Donovan is possibly one of the trickiest in the world, with armed guards forced to patrol the route to ward off attacks by polar bears.