IRA admits 1973 child death

The IRA has admitted full responsibility for killing a schoolboy nearly 40 years ago.

Gordon Gallagher, just nine, died when a device exploded in his Derry garden in 1973 while he was playing "Cowboys and Indians."

His parents had called on Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to get to the truth about what happened.

The statement, released through the campaign group, the Pat Finucane Centre in Derry, read: "Republicans fully accept their responsibility for

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the death of Gordon and apologize to the parents and family of Gordon Gallagher for the pain and grief caused.

"Republicans remain truly remorseful and profoundly sorry for the circumstances that led to Gordon's death."

Gordon's father, Billy Gallagher said: "I accept the IRA's responsibility for the murder of Gordon - even though it came through a third party and they didn't speak to me directly.

"This has opened the door for further investigation. I want to know who did it and why. I am glad they take full responsibility and accept that they were to blame and no one else was.

"This will help to make sure that everyone else knows the IRA were to blame for Gordon's death, even though I always knew that."

Gordon Gallagher had been playing in the garden with his younger brother when he tripped on the bomb which had been left there. He died in hospital from his injuries.

At the time, the IRA admitted to the family that a device had been left in the garden. However, it claimed the detonator was added by British soldiers.