Report points to massacre collusion

[caption id="attachment_69681" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Mark Sykes from Relatives for Justice with a copy of the report."]


A report into an infamous massacre of five Catholics twenty years ago this week is calling for an independent inquiry into the Ulster Freedom Fighters slaughter which also left seven others wounded.

The 70-page Relatives for Justice report was presented to families of those killed on the anniversary of the Sean Graham's bookmakers

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murders, and calls on British Prime Minister David Cameron to commission an independent inquiry into the Belfast slaughter on February 5, 1992.

The report details British security force collusion in the murders of the five Catholic victims - Jack Duffin (66); Willie McManus (54); Christy Doherty (52); Peter Magee (18) and James Kennedy (15).

Mark Sykes from RFJ, who was shot in the attack which claimed the life of his 18-year-old brother-in-law, Peter Magee, said the new report not only highlighted the extent of collusion but it also seeks justice for the dead.

"It is asking David Cameron to make a full apology to those bereaved and injured," he said.

"We also want information from him around the weapons coming into the country because British military intelligence knew about

them through Brian Nelson."

Nelson was a British agent working in the UFF.

Mr. Sykes said the collusion has always been suspected, with eyewitnesses claiming an Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) jeep stationed opposite the bookmakers moved only minutes before the murders took place.

It was widely believed leading loyalists Joe Bratty and Raymond Elder, who lived not far from the Lower Ormeau where the attack took place, and who were shot dead by the IRA on the Ormeau Road in 1994, were behind the attack.

"We want the Public Prosecution Service to bring a fresh investigation using all the information and evidence available, including that contained in the RFJ report," said Mr. Sykes.

"There are children and grandchildren who weren't even born at the time taking up the baton to get to the truth. Another generation of family members will always be there to fight for this, no matter how long it takes."

A special anniversary Mass was held for those who died in St. Malachy's Church in Belfast on Sunday last.