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Bhoys buoyed Breezy

A week prior to the Irish Day of Action Lansdowne Bhoys FC organized players and club members to travel to the Rockaways and Breezy Point to take part in Sandy relief work.

The Aisling Irish Center on in Yonkers provided directions to where Irish residents residents were most in need.

"We cleaned up four homes and made new friends along the way," said member Paul Doherty.

"The devastation of Hurricane Sandy is evident for all to see.

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“The Irish community in New York have always helped people in times of need and we felt it was our duty to go and help out," he said.

While our numbers were modest we can see the tangible benefits of what we done by the response of the people we helped.

There is a lot there to be done, but if we all chip in it is manageable," he added.

Doherty thanks the club's sponsore MC Electrical, PNC Painting and Emerald Tile who had donated to the Aisling Center's Sandy fund.