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And on the second day......

The first one was such a success that organizers behind the Irish Day of Action for Sandy relief, or "Meitheal," are undertaking a second one on Dec. 15.

Entitled "Meitheal Na Nollag - Christmas Gathering of Workers" (see official notice Page 27) the day's work will run from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the 15th, a Staurday.

Buses will leave from various locations and go to the Rockaways.

Meanwhile, Coalition of Irish Immigration Center President and Emerald Isle Immigration Center Executive Director Siobhan Dennehy, said that the collaboration between all the groups during the first Day of Action and after it was a testament to the trust the community places in the Irish centers on the ground

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"Also the contacts that have been established and the grassroots aspect of assessing the need and the collaboration on response levels has transcended anything that has been seen before," said Dennehy.

"The facilitation by Irish consular staff has brought together many groups working together for the first time."

Dennehy pointed to the likes of the American Ireland Fund. AOH at national and local levels, Emerald Guild, Aisling Irish Center, the Emerald Isle, NY Irish Center, Mineola Irish Center, and Irish and Irish American businesses and networks such as In-NYC, IBO and IMMRAM.

"All have been playing their part magnificently," said Dennehy who added that the day of action had led to many "reactions" with individuals and groups remaining engaged with those who needed help most.