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Here we go again

March 5, 2012

By Staff Reporter

Urban Outfitters is a large corporate commercial entity that is but the latest entrant in an annual hall of shame linked to St. Patrick’s Day. The chain is marketing products that are not only offensive to people who consider themselves Irish, but indeed anyone who clings to a shred of good taste in an increasingly tasteless age.

We might be tempted to yawn, or shrug a weary shoulder at this nonsense but it’s but the latest example of St. Patrick’s Day being used for the wrong kind of commercial gain.

Sure, we are all for people making a buck on and around March 17, and at this stage but there’s more than a few of them to be made with the likes of the silly, but relatively harmless, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” line of product.

Urban Outfitters have gone well beyond this and rightly deserve the opprobrium of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and others.

Still, even this latest example of March grossness doesn’t quite match what we had to deal with a couple of years ago when the Denny’s restaurant chain made light of the Great Hunger in order to flog more fries and pancakes during the month devoted to Irish heritage and

St. Patrick.

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Perhaps the depiction of a drunk barfing shamrocks ranks as progress. But if it does, we are is a sorry state. The offensive products should be withdrawn as the AOH has rightly demanded. An apology would be in order too.


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