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Irish Network elects new board members

HOBOKEN, NJ - Irish Network USA has announced the election of new board members to serve on the national board and lead the organization's efforts to continue the growth of the organization across the United States.

According to a release, the members were elected via on-line vote by the representatives of the 12 local chapters, which currently make up IN USA and ratified during a conference held on Wednesday, August 4.

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Launched initially in Chicago in 2003 and with an objective of providing a means for people from the island of Ireland living and working in that city to connect with local business and social networks, there are currently 12 IN chapters throughout the U.S.

IN USA was formally inaugurated by then taoiseach Brian Cowen at a reception in California in March 2010 and has since served as a means of connecting all of the IN chapters.

"What was once an opportunity for Irish-born residents of the U.S. to develop contacts with each other while living and working far from home, has now become a wonderful nationwide network of not only Irish-born, but also Irish Americans and 'friends' of Ireland who share in a desire to further strengthen the economic, social and cultural ties between our two great countries," said Steve Lenox of IN NJ and newly elected co-president of IN USA.

"We are excited about the enthusiasm that has surrounded this organization since its inception," said John Murphy, IN NY and who was also elected to serve as a co-President.

"With vibrant chapters in cities like New Orleans, Denver, Philadelphia, and Phoenix already organizing events to accommodate a national crowd, members of IN USA will undoubtedly provide a network of Irish American business and social contacts for our members to capitalize on across the nation," he said.

Also elected to serve on the IN USA board were co-vice presidents Laurence Banville of IN Philadelphia and Barry O'Brien, IN San Francisco. The new secretary is Sean Moynihan, IN Boston, the ITO/website officer is Donna Donahue, IN Phoenix while the events coordinator is Adrian Darcy, IN New Orleans.

More information on Irish Network USA is available by emailing IrishNetworkUSA