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Bachman wants Irish jobs back

US presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said she wants 10,000 jobs created in Ireland by American multinationals to be brought back to the US, according to media reports.

The Republican congresswoman and Tea Party favorite was speaking at an event in Florida at the weekend.

Outlining her plans to deal with America's high unemployment rate, Bachmann said she would stimulate the economy through a combination of policies, including cutting corporate taxes and eliminating capital gains and inheritance taxes.

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"There are over 600 American companies that have gone to Ireland because of the tax rate. Over 100,000 jobs. I want those 100,000 jobs back in the United States," she said. In what the New York Times has described as the most detailed speech yet on her economic policies, Bachmann also said if elected next year she would introduce a tax holiday for American corporations' overseas profits.

"American companies have sitting in the bank over a trillion dollars," Bachmann said. "If we had a zero rate of repatriation, by the afternoon that trillion dollars would be back in the United States. Do you have any idea of how many jobs would be created?"