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Quinn, Kelly linked to mayor's job

Now that Anthony Weiner's New York ambitions have turned to dust attention is turning increasingly to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

"Eying a bid for New York mayor in 2013, the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, raised a robust $1.3 million in the first half of this year, outpacing all of her likely rivals, according to campaign finance estimates," the New York Times recently reported.

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Money, of course, greases the political wheel and it tends to follow itself so a report like that will only spur more backing from those who feel it's time for a woman mayor. Quinn will have company in her pursuit of the top job of course and several likely candidates are already raising money. One who is not, but who is attracting attention, is police commissioner Ray Kelly who, like Quinn, traces his family line to the old sod. Writing in the Daily News this week, columnist Mike Lupica opined that Kelly should be the next mayor. Kelly's name has cropped up on a pretty regular basis in recent years and there has been no definitive rejection of the idea from the man himself. Lupica noted that nobody has ever moved from the office of NYPD commissioner to the mayor's office though Teddy Roosevelt did leap from the former into the White House. So President Kelly? Has a ring to it.


Well, Matt Dillon has ridden out of Dodge for the last time so there's a vacancy in the marshal's office there. There's also one in South Florida as it turns out and there are three candidates vying for the post. One of them, according to the Miami Herald, is out own John Timoney. Reported the Herald: Three former law enforcement bosses are apparently itching to get back into the business of catching bad guys. Among those applying to be U.S. Marshal in South Florida: One-time Miami Police Chief John F. Timoney, former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Hector M. Pesquera and one-time North Miami Police Chief Gwendolyn V. Boyd. They have submitted applications to Florida's Federal Judicial Nominating Commission, which is considering a total of 11 candidates for the job. The commission will recommend finalists to President Barack Obama this summer." Marshal Timoney. Has a ring to it. Perhaps NBC will make a series. Also from the Herald recently, this: "Also dining that day......police-chiefs-turned-investigation-consultants Don DeLucca and John Timoney, having - let's face it, a disappointing lunch for a couple of tough guys at an Italian restaurant - two salad specials." Presumably, if Timoney gets a marshal's badge, it will be back to the prime rib.


Well, it didn't take long. This from an AP report out of London: "British golfers hold the top three spots in the world rankings for the first time in their 25-year history after Rory McIlroy rose to third Monday following his triumph at the U.S. Open."

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