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Combining Relationship Advice and Online Dating

There was a time when no one would have suggested an online web portal as a part of their relationship advice to anyone. The reason for this was simply the bad reputation that dating websites used to have. However, all this is gradually changing because of improved offers of online dating from industry leaders like eHarmony UK.

In the past, the biggest problem that people had with online dating was that it was an extremely impersonal medium to find someone with a view to having a serious relationship. If you were to try to find a person through dating websites, you would have to browse through numerous profiles and then worry about the authenticity of the information provided.

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This is part of a bigger misconception among cynics that the online medium is not fit for personal activities such as dating. This misconception mainly stems from the fact that texting or chatting online takes away many important social cues from the picture, which can reveal a lot about a person.

In contrast to the many people’s views, the online medium has learnt to cope with such disadvantages because the people have started picking up different cues and hints from a conversation. As an online dating research report has revealed, theorists and behavioural experts believe that people chatting online have developed different markers to judge the person they are chatting with.

Some examples stated include analysing an email address, evaluating the time gap between two messages and even spelling mistakes. Another way that people are adapting to the implications of online dating is that it is not considered as embarrassing as it once was within society.

Here are some marked ways through which modern Internet dating is different from previous forms.

  1. The quality of relationships are better: The quality of relationships that the modern dating websites like eHarmony create for its members are, by far, better than the relationships created by conventional websites. The biggest difference is the fact that the modern online dating companies look to create long lasting and serious relationships that lead to eternal happiness for men and women.

  2. Resultant marriages are happier: The marriages that result from the coming together of two individuals through dating websites of today tend to be more stable and stronger because they are formed on the compatibility of deeper personality traits rather than superficial looks or monetary clout.

  3. Compatibility is the foundation of relationships: As mentioned earlier, the people brought together by modern dating websites like eHarmony are brought together on the basis of their compatibility. Some key areas that such websites compare and match include the character of the people, their beliefs and even their values. This allows for the couple to be better equipped to deal with various problems in life together.

  4. A more organised and structured communication process: The modern day online dating companies also make sure that there are no mistakes with the match by allowing the matched individuals to communicate with each other and discover just how compatible they really are. This is done through a well organised communication facilitation process which is provided to them by the website.

  5. Reliability and authenticity is guaranteed: With the majority of modern day dating websites like eHarmony, there is a solid guarantee that there will not be problems of reliability and authenticity that are rampant with old fashioned online dating. There are no issues like false profiles and all information is gathered on the basis of an elaborate questionnaire.

As you are now armed with such information, are you not curious as to what kind of a match such a website has in store for you? Are you not wondering whether eHarmony can help you find a soul mate? Is the chance to meet someone you can spend a lifetime with, enough to invest a few minutes of your time?

You can satisfy your curiosity by registering on eHarmony for free. In fact, once you have registered on the eHarmony website and answered the appropriate questionnaire, you get access to your matches and are able to see who holds the potential to be your soul mate.

All you have to do is complete the aforementioned questionnaire and you will receive a free personality profile which would otherwise be worth a whopping £19.99. Join eHarmony and see what their in-house relationship expert Dr. Gonzaga can do with regard to finding you a partner who can make you happy for the rest of your life.