10 Reasons Why Asia is a Must Visit in 2011

Asia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, especially the parts of it that make up India. In fact, there is no other place on the planet that requests your presence in a way like India does. The country is inviting, intriguing and can offer a unique perspective on any traveller’s holiday. Everyone should plan on visiting Asia in 2011, so why not start booking flights to India right away?

Without a doubt, anyone arriving in India for the first time will realise that the place is so much more than a physical territory. India is a way of life. India is a philosophy. India is a civilisation that compares to no other.

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The country’s culture is rich in every sense; heritage, architecture, views and the spirituality of the people. Visitors arriving on flights to India will clearly see this while still inside the airport. India is a place to behold in every way.

Although you don’t really need a concrete motive to visit Asia, or India, there are plenty of reasons to go. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and it is often quite easy to find flights to India for a reasonable price. The different landscapes, languages and diversity among the people living in India are all quite a draw. Visitors get a sense of coherence among the many different elements that make any holiday to India a mesmerising experience.

Consider Taking a Tour

Throughout the country you will find a variety of travel destinations suitable for any type of holiday. Many visitors also take several tours while on holiday in India to enjoy a closer look at the culture, society and architecture. Because India is so mysterious, a tour is a great way to get the inside scoop on what India has to offer. The country is so much more than the snake charmers, street urchins and yoga that we’ve all seen on television.

Indian culture is as vibrant as it gets. Making your way through the local markets there will be no shortage of handicrafts such as musical instruments, amulets, masks, jewellery and even prayer wheels. If you want a taste of local fare, the markets are an ideal source, especially near the beaches. In addition to enjoying fantastic seafood, you can also try your hand at fishing off the rocky coasts.

Many visitors book flights to India to experience the vast array of wildlife the country has to offer. The natural beauty of the magnificent beaches complemented by the diverse landscape makes it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Adventure sports are popular in the region, allowing for rafting, skiing, river climbing, mountaineering and even paragliding. If you prefer a more relaxed holiday, you can always laze about on the beach or visit the world-renowned wildlife sanctuaries.

Aside from the wonderful expanse of nature that India offers the world, there is a magnificent array of culture and art as well. The rich history of India is brought to life through the countless monuments, temples, forts, monasteries, architecture and palaces. As you consider booking your India and Asia holiday, you may want to think about scheduling a tour or two so that you can get the full experience.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit

  1. Spirituality: Many people visit India on spiritual quests. India is known for yoga and meditation, which makes it an ideal destination for relaxing, spiritual holidays. The numerous temples and monuments are also perfect for anyone seeking peace of mind.

  2. Adventure: India is a great place to visit for extreme sports like paragliding, skiing and camping. The hills in the northern region as well as Darjeeling and Rishikesh are great spots for such adventures.

  3. Nature: India is full of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and natural beauty. Most of these places offer guided tours to give you an idea of the true diversity of nature in the country.

  4. Architecture: You could spend your entire holiday in India taking in the architecture. The impressive temples, palaces and paintings are awe-inspiring for many who come to India.

  5. History: India has a rich history, so any history buff will enjoy a tour or two of India. Simply check out the palaces, forts, temples and other monuments as well as the ancient ruins.

  6. Beaches: The beaches in India are unforgettable.

  7. Ayurveda: Those into natural healing and holistic approaches will enjoy India in particular.

  8. Art: The tribal and traditional art found throughout India is unlike any other place on the planet.

  9. Beauty: Snow-capped mountains, thick forests, colourful flowers and sunny beaches make India a top holiday destination for anyone wanting a gorgeous getaway.

  10. Food: Indian cuisine is like none other. Local herbs and spices enhance the aroma and taste of local specialties.