Nine Top Themes for an Amazing Jackpot Party Style Night

If you have ever seen a program like My Super Sweet 16, you will no doubt be familiar with the pressure that some people can be under to throw an amazing party. However, preparing a memorable night for both yourself and your mates is a lot easier than you think, and it can all start with a brainstorm on a theme that everyone will love. Jackpot Party has a theme of being cheeky, adventurous and raucous, but you could take it one further if you want to make your party the talk of the town.

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Theme number one: James Bond night. Have you always been a fan of James Bond movies? If so, make sure you tell everyone on your invitation to get suited and booted, with the ladies in lavish gowns that only the most daring Bond girls would wear. With a few cocktails and maybe a few lavish gadgets to make the party venue extremely high-tech, it isn’t too difficult to get into this type of theme. Hiring an Aston Martin is optional!

Theme number two: 80s night. Selecting a decade as your theme will have countless possibilities, and indeed, if you weren’t born in the 80s, you might want to have a blast from the past in a different era! Just think about the possibilities: great music, elaborate costumes, the food and drink you would have loved... and who knows, maybe a guest appearance or two from the pin-ups ‘back in the day'!

Theme number three: masquerade ball. Are you throwing a party while you are still single? If so, then a masquerade ball could be the perfect way to inject a little bit of mystery into your party, and potentially pave the way for a bit of romance! Masquerade masks can be acquired relatively cheaply on the Internet, and with the different colours and designs available, you can dare to be as bold and eccentric as you like!

Theme number four: Christmas! Of course, if you are throwing a party in those cold winter months, or if you want to relive the memories from one of your favourite times of the year, it is time to dust down the Christmas decorations and the compilation album with your favourite seasonal numbers. From here, it’s time to party!

Theme number five: poker night! It’s really easy to bring the thrill of online slots into a party that everyone will find gripping. There’s no need to play for cash unless you are feeling really bold, just giving everyone a number of chips at the beginning of the night should be enough. It’ll be a fantastic test of ability and perseverance to see who will be the last person standing, and you might want to invest in a bottle of champagne as a little prize for their talent!

Theme number six: create a Come Dine With Me event. This is a trend that really is beginning to take off. If you have a group of four or five of you who are great cooks, why not alternate and host dinner parties, secretly rating each other on what you thought afterwards? It can be fantastic fun as well as a brilliant opportunity to broaden your culinary horizons, and you’ll even feel like a bit of a TV star!

Theme number seven: an essential theme to mention; the humble cocktail party. With beautiful dresses flowing and dashing barmen optional, buying a recipe book or two and sharpening up your knowledge on how to whip up Sex on the Beach is recommended. Creating a cocktail party certainly is the makings for a memorable night, particularly as you become a little more willing to dance as hours tick by!

Theme number eight: karaoke! With all sorts of equipment that allows you to sing along to every song under the sun, there are no more excuses for those who are reluctant to karaoke. If you wanted to create a sub-theme, you might want to restrict what your guests can sing, too: an evening of Take That renditions, anybody?

Theme number nine: a night on the Wii. This phenomenon has recently been taken up by pubs quite extensively. Why not get a long list of friends to battle it out in group games? The results can be quite hilarious as you see people moving their controllers with frustration, a mix of confusion and determination creating entertainment for spectators.