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MEATH BRADYS DROP BY - Newbridge Silverware, through its links with Julien's Auctions, has showcased the costume collections of Michael Jackson, Bob Hope and Barbara Streisand. "Dallas" stars Linda Gray and Charlene Tilton have been visitors, as have the more locally grown talent, Jedward. Last week, however, was the turn of the "Brady Bunch," and to mark the occasion the littlest Bradys, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen, aka Bobby and Cindy, dropped into the venue's Museum of Style Icons. The Leinster Leader -- which said they are "now grown up but still recognizable from the pair of scamps who lit up television screens from 1969 to 1974" -- caught up with them ahead of their visit to ask a few questions about the old days. Asked about her favorite memory, Olsen said: "Maybe my favorite is when we arrived in Hawaii to film the three episodes there. Obviously getting to travel for the show was fun in itself. Robert Reed [Mike Brady] hated to fly so he had taken a ship and gotten there ahead of us. He met us at the airport as did our director Jack Arnold. Bob was very much like a father and happy to see us." She said that generally speaking that her high profile didn't adversely affect her. "When you are a teen, your ego is more fragile you are trying to find out who you are and what is real in life," Olsen said. "As a young child, it was always obvious to me that fame was not real and rather ridiculous. I couldn't get caught up in it because I saw it as foolish. "Also as a child," she continued, "fame is nothing but a horrendous pain. When you are smaller than your fans, it can be frightening to get mobbed. The Leinster Leader asked if them if this was their first visit to Newbridge and Kildare? "First visit to Ireland," Lookinland said. "Kelly [his wife] and I are excited!" Said Olsen. "All six of us Brady kids went to England in 1971. Our TV dad took us on the QE2. We spent a week on ship and a week in London. Bob had studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and wanted us to see British theatre." Asked what TV she watches these days, she said: "Currently it might be 'South Park.' But I really don't watch much TV. I can honestly say that I only watch news and educational shows. I still record reruns of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Nurse Jackie.'" "I am a fan of the old 'Star Treks' and 'The Simpsons,'" Lookinland pitched in. His favorite memory of his days on the show was when "the crew and cast stopped work to watch the Apollo 11 lunar module lift off from the moon...on the Brady's television in the family room by the kitchen!"
DUBLIN BABY GORILLAGETS PLENTY OF LOVE - The newest addition to the Dublin Zoo family is being so carefully guarded by its mother that keepers still can't tell its sex. The as yet unnamed baby western lowland gorilla was born on Sunday, March 27 - Mother's Day in Ireland. The infant, which weighed an estimated 4 pounds, has been cradled constantly by its protective mother Lena since then, the Northside People reports. Ciaran McMahon, team leader responsible for the gorillas, said they were "over the moon" with the new addition as it is a great success in the European breeding program for the critically endangered primates. "The youngster is doing very well; within minutes the baby was feeding from mum Lena, which is a very good sign," he stated. "We can tell that the infant is strong because there are a lot of head movements. "Lena is a great mother and so far she hasn't let go of her newborn. "She will continue to cradle the baby in her arms non-stop for the next two to three months. "When she does eventually let the toddler out of her arms to explore, the youngster won't go far because Lena will not allow the baby go more than an arm's length away," McMahon said. The 27-year-old Lena, Zoo staff said, has a very close relationship with the baby's father Harry, the dominant silverback of the zoo's group of gorillas.
WEXFORD STORE BOSS ANGRY AT RUMOR MILL - The manager of a supermarket in Enniscorthy has branded as "absolutely disgraceful" unfounded claims that a number of local businesses are about to cease operation. So incensed is the SuperValu store's manager Ciarán Lyng about the untrue gossip that he has gone public in not alone refuting the rumors as untrue, reports the Enniscorthy Echo, but also pointing out how harmful their persistent use are to the town's business reputation and how hurtful they are to the targeted companies and their staff. "In our case, I would like to emphasize that there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in these rumors. We are here over 30 years in Enniscorthy, and intend to be here in 30 and more years' time as well", Lyng said. "We cannot understand why the rumors are out there or who puts them about. I wish they would stop. The fact is, Caulfield's SuperValu Enniscorthy has taken on new staff in recent months, and we have also actually being actively recruiting new staff," said the manager of the busy store on Mill Park Road, which currently has 25 full-time employees. MEATH LOCAL JOCKEY MAGUIRE WINS BIGKilmessan jockey Jason Maguire won the Aintree Grand National on Donald McCain Jr's Ballabriggs in the horse's debut over the Grand National fences. The 14/1 shot, owned by Trevor Hemmings, was very tired after the tough race in extremely warm temperatures in the Liverpool area, and Maguire dismounted immediately after coming home. It was the first time in memory that the victorious jockey returned to the parade ring on foot, the Meath Chronicle reports. The only other two Meath riders to finish the National, the most popular horserace in Britain and Ireland, were the Carberry siblings, Paul, on Gordon Elliot's Backstage, at 10th, and Nina, on Character Building, at 15th, one ahead of Golden Kite, which was trained by the winning jockey's uncle, Adrian Maguire. Two horses were injured fatally during the race.
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