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Two great cities

June 9, 2011

By Staff Reporter

For the second year the Irish Echo and Belfast Media Group are hosting the New York, New Belfast conference  at Fordham University’s Manhattan facility. For this we are indebted to Fordham University, a top class educational institution which has always kept Ireland and the Irish close to its heart.

Many individuals and sponsors are making the two day conference possible and to them we say a big thank you. And of course there is the host city itself.

The record and continued willingness and ability of New York City to inspire and deliver actual assistance to other cities, countries and communities around the world is never less than astonishing. It is a true global capital.

Belfast, a city which has played its own role in the marvelous story of New York, has long enjoyed the closest of ties with America’s largest city, this through the dark days of the modern Troubles and, most lately, in the brighter days of the peace and political process.

The two cities vary greatly in terms of size and population, but both are wise in the ways of the world and each has much to learn from the other. We are confident that there will be more than a little learning afoot this week on the grounds of a university famed for it. Welcome to the conference one and all.


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