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Nature’s wrath

June 1, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The tornadoes that have been late causing terror and devastation in the nation’s heartland have been frightening reminders of our vulnerability. All sorts of questions are being asked with regard to the frequency and ferocity of this spring’s tornado season.

Is the threat from tornadoes getting worse? Is global warming a culprit? Is there any way that twisters can be better predicted, thus giving people more time to seek shelter? No easy answers there though it is beyond doubt that, with population growth and urban sprawl, there are more people and structures in the way once tornadoes form and start to churn across the landscape.

One area being more closely examined concerns the structures of buildings, their ability to take a direct hit and still survive long enough for those inside to take cover.

Stronger glass windows is one way of buying extra precious moments, and presumably structures that are circular in shape have the ability to better withstand winds that can exceed 200 miles per hour.

What has occurred across so many states, most notably in Missouri and Alabama, while indeed a terrifying reminder of our collective vulnerability, is also a reminder of our collective responsibility to each other.

Nature makes no distinction between state lines, or one part of the country over the other. The recovery from this truly devastating tornado season is a task for government, for the most affected communities, for the private sector, for each and every one of us in our United States of America.

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