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Category: Asset 8News & Views

Find gal, find man

June 23, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The FBI is turning its attention to the woman in James “Whitey” Bulger’s life as it continues to hunt the onetime Irish American crime kingpin of South Boston.

Investigators are focusing on Catherine Greig in an effort to find Bulgero, or indeed his remains.

The Boston Herald recently cited unconfirmed reports that Bulger died from a heart attack in Costa Rica and that Greig had his remains cremated.

“But, the scenario that Bulger died while sunning in Central America was shot down by former associates, saying somebody would still try to claim the ¢2 million reward from his body, or while he was dying,” the paper subsequently reported.

Bulger, on the lam and now 81, that’s if he’s alive, is wanted for the murders of 19 men and women.


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