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2010 NACB Championships Draws

The North American County Board of the GAA held its annual pre-playoff meeting recently at Chicago Gaelic Park, the venue for this years finals. The main focus of the meeting was for the National Board to meet the local host playoff committee to review the plans already in place for the 2010 championship playoffs and make the draws for the tournament.

At least 20 cities, some with several teams, are expected to be represented at the finals over the Labor Day weekend, September 3rdh thru the 5th at Chicago Gaelic Park.

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Similar to last year’s playoffs in Boston, 17 championships are on the agenda with about 70 games expected to be played at this years event.

Typically, the winners of each divisional championship will represent their division in the playoffs but there will be cases where two teams from the same division will be entered in the same grade. In some cases, the defeated divisional finalists will represent their divisions in a lower grade in the playoffs. Since there are teams from several cities competing for divisional championships in various grades it may not be know until mid-August what clubs or cities will be participating in the playoffs in any a particular grade. Consequently, divisions rather than cities or club names will be identified in this initial draw.

With only three cities competing at the senior hurling level Chicago has agreed to enter two teams to ensure two semi-finals in the senior hurling championship.

For the first time in many years a Canadian team will compete in this years championship. Following approval from both the Canadian and North American County Boards Vancouver will have a team compete in the junior “A” hurling championship

Following is a list of the divisions and the cities that were entered into the 2010 NACB Playoff draw:

NORTHEAST: Boston metropolitan area, Hartford CN, Concord NH

CENTRAL: Chicago metropolitan area, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Minnesota Twin Cities, St. Louis,

WESTERN: San Francisco metropolitan area.

PHILADELPHIA: Philadelphia metropolitan area, Allentown

MIDWEST: Akron, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester.

SOUTH EAST: Atlanta, Charlotte

SOUTH WEST: Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego,

NORTH WEST: Portland, Washington - Seattle,

MIDATLANIC: Washington DC, Baltimore, Alexandria, VA

Following is the draw for the 2010 NACB playoffs:

Senior Hurling:


Boston Vs Chicago 1

Chicago 2 Vs San Francisco

Junior A Hurling:

Quarter- finals

Vancouver Vs Washington DC

Milwaukee Vs Los Angelas


Boston Vs Vancouver or Washington DC

San Francisco Vs Milwaukee or Los Angelas

Junior B Hurling:


Twin Cities Vs Celtic Cowboys

Denver Vs Atlanta

Indianapolis Vs Philadelphia

San Francisco Vs Seattle

Junior C Hurling:

Preliminary Rounds

Seattle Vs Indianapolis

St. Louis Vs Madison

Akron Vs Chicago


Seattle or Indianapolai Vs Philadelphia

St. Lousis or Madison Vs Milwaukee

Akron or Chicago Vs New Hamphire

Portland Vs Denver

Men’s Senior Football:


Chicago Vs Philadelphia

Boson Vs San Francisco

Men’s Intermediate Football


Philadelphia Vs San Francisco

Men’s Junior A Football


Chicago Vs Philadelphia


San Diego Vs Chicago or Philadelphia

Boston Vs San Francisco

Men’s Junior B Football


Northeast Vs Central

Mid-Atlantic Vs Denver

Midwest 2 Vs Los Angelas

Charlotte Vs Midwest 1

Men’s Junior C Football


Northeast Vs Philadelphia


Austin Vs Chicago

Northeast or Philadelphia Vs San Diego

Men’s Junior D Football

Preliminary Rounds

Baltimore Vs St. Louis

Phoenix Vs Atlanta


Baltimore or St. Louis Vs Denver

Phoenix or Atlanta Vs Chicago Fire Dpt.

Midwest Vs Mason Dixon

Kansas City Vs Twin Cities

All-American Football

Preliminary Round

Philadelphia Vs Midwest 1


Philadelphia or Midwest Vs Chicago Fire Dpt.

Northeast Vs Western

Mid-Atlantic Vs St. Louis

Central Vs Midwest 2

Ladies Senior Football


Boston Vs Philadelphia


Boston or Philadelphia Vs San Francisco

Ladies Intermediate Football


Washington DC Vs Philadelphia

Ladies Junior A Football


Atlanta Vs San Francisco


Atlanta or San Francisco Vs Boston

Charlotte Vs Chicago

Ladies Junior B Football:

Preliminary Round

San Diego Vs Seattle

Mid-Atlantic Vs Atlanta

Denver Vs Chicago

San Diego or Seattle Vs Mid-Atlantic or Atlanta

Denver or Chicago Vs Midwest

Draws for the camogie championships will be conducted later.