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Tynan ready for Sox season

And while spring training for his vocal chords was taking place in an appropriate setting, Tynan confirmed that, contrary to some speculation, he won't be singing at the Seventh Innings Stretch this Sunday at Fenway Park.

But Tynan does expect to sing at the home of the Boston Red Sox at some point in the coming baseball season.

"It will happen," he told the Echo.

The Red Sox will line out against Tynan's former baseball employer, the New York Yankees, in an Easter Sunday season opener at Fenway.

Tynan is not saying who is will be cheering for, but he enthused in a phone interview about his new home.

"Boston has been fantastic to me. The city has embraced me unbelievably," he said.

Tynan, who sang "God Bless America" for years at Yankee Stadium, recently moved from New York following a controversy involving allegations that he had made an anti-Semitic slur to a realtor who was showing an apartment adjacent to that owned by the Kilkenny-born tenor.

Tynan was publicly exonerated by the Anti-Defamation League, but insults directed at him on the street and by email resulted in his buying a new home in downtown Boston.

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