Supporters rally for stables on Facebook

The Navan, Co. Meath-born owner of Shamrock Stables is facing a hugely exorbitant move in Manhattan that could put his Central Park horse and carriage business off the streets.

So far, though, more 600 people have signed up to his "Save Shamrock Stables" Facebook page.

"I've never seen a Facebook page grow so quickly," said Carolyn Daly, a spokesperson for the stables.

The British Racing Authority has joined, as have many well-wishers in Ireland, she said.

Real estate interests are forcing out Shamrock, which has been leasing from the City of New York for almost half a century years. It currently houses 30 horses at the 45th Street venue.

"This has been really great for Ian's morale. He's been rather down about the prospect of moving," Daly said.

McKeever, a member of Teamsters Local 553, has won the support of several members of New York City Council in his campaign to find alternative accommodation for his horses.

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