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St. Patrick's Day Memories: Will Galvin

Getting very lost as an 8-year-old kid at the Dublin parade and then, a generation later, losing my 6-year-old son at the same parade in Dublin when momentarily distracted by a giant inflated shamrock. My son didn't use the word "vivid" - he called me "stupid." Have you ever marched in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade? If so, what group did you march with? Nope. Still waiting for my invite to lose my kids at that parade. Five essential Irish albums that should be part of everyone's music library: Van Morrison, Astral Weeks; U2, The Joshua Tree; Planxty; Mic Christopher, Skylarkin; Damien Rice, O. How much green do you wear on March 17th? Not enough. Does feeling green count? Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick's Day? How about soda bread? Now there's something to make me feel green. Maybe that's the point? Favorite Irish film? "Ryan's Daughter" for the scenery, "The Commitments" for the sound. Favorite Irish book? The Irish Constitution - one small volume, millions of authors, updated regularly. Favorite Irish song? "Trasna na dTonnta," which kind-of sums up Ireland in America. Complete this sentence: The most Irish thing about me is ... my passport.

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