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St. Patrick's Day Memories: John Doyle

Playing in the Dublin parade, on a float many years ago, while the sleet blew sideways the whole morning and then having a big session of music and drinking hot whiskeys that evening. I don't remember how I got home though, surprisingly enough! Have you ever marched in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade? With what group or organization? No, never did. I have watched it a number of times, though. Five essential Irish albums that should be part of everyone's music library: Planxty (the first one); Andy Irvine/ Paul Brady; Van Morrison's Astral Weeks; U2 Boy; Thin Lizzy . . . I don't remember the name of the album. How much green do you wear on March 17th? I always wear green underwear for St. Patrick's Day. Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick's Day? How about soda bread? I was brought up more on the Cabbage and Bacon for the day in question. It is one of my favourite meals. I make soda bread when I have time. Favorite Irish film? "In the Name of the Father." Favorite Irish book? "Over Nine Waves." Favorite Irish song? "The Flower of Sweet Strabane." Complete this sentence: The most Irish thing about me is . . . my ability to see the melancholy in any given situation.

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