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St. Patrick's Day Memories: Ciaran Staunton

Marching on Fifth Avenue with my children, Rory and Kathleen. Have you ever marched in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade? If so, what group did you march with? Yes, With Mayo, Kerry, Irish Northern Aid, and the United Irish Counties. Five essential Irish albums that should be part of everyone's music library: Live at the Point by Christy Moore; The Collection by Stockton's Wing; Best of Sharon Shannon; Fishermans Blues by The Waterboys; anything by The Pogues. How much green do you wear on March 17th? My tie will have green stripes. Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick's Day? How about soda bread? I eat corned beef sandwiches on white rolls with lots of butter, all day. Favorite Irish film? "I Went Down" starring Brendan Gleason. Favorite Irish book? "Against the Tide" by Dr. Noel Browne. Favorite Irish song? "An Cailin Alainn." Complete this sentence: The most Irish thing about me is . . . my sense of humor.

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