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St. Patrick's Day Memories: Adrian Flannelly

Home alone, age eight with measles! My family went to parade and never came back: orphaned!Have you ever marched in the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade? Sadly, no. Obviously, I'm on Parade Chairman John Dunleavy's "Do Not Enter" list! Five essential Irish albums that should be part of everyone's music library: Ireland's 32 by The Beatles; Take Me Home To Mayo by U2; The Men of The West by Madonna; If I Were a Rich Man by Sr. Mary Beata; Row, Row, Row Your Boat By Cobh, Co. Cork Choir. How much green do you wear on March 17th? Green plastic top hat, tie, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button - the works! Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Patrick's Day? How about soda bread? Lent! No Meat. No Soda bread. Favorite Irish film? "The Quiet Woman." Favorite Irish book? "The Holy Mountain." (St. Patrick's Press) Favorite Irish song? "Bury Me in Mayo" - circa 2050. Complete this sentence: The most Irish thing about me is . . . sincerity.

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