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Three out of six for T2

But thus far, only three of the six transatlantic carriers that fly out of Dublin have signed up for T2.

American Airlines and Continental Airlines have stated their intention to use the building while Aer Lingus has expressed willingness as long as it doesn't have to pay more money than it already does in the existing terminal.

"But Air Canada, US Airways and Delta revealed they were still undecided on whether they would follow suit," the Irish Independent reported.

The high cost of the new terminal is increasing the pressure for full use of the building by as many airlines as can be accommodated. A number of carriers with a base at Dublin, and who fly to Britain and Europe, including Ryanair, have given the new terminal a thumbs down, at least for the moment.

However, Air Etihad, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, has indicated that it will use T2.

One of the major attractions of the terminal is that it will house both U.S. customs and immigration clearance facilities and Irish aviation authorities hope this will be sufficient to sway the so far reluctant transatlantic carriers.

The expected opening of T2, which will have the capacity to accommodate at least 15 million passengers per year, is set for November.

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