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Raytheon winds up in Derry

"As part of the planning process for 2010, we carefully considered the overall workload for the Northern Ireland systems and software center site and have come to the decision to consolidate a number of the roles with Raytheon Systems Limited's other main sites.

"The seven employees impacted by this action will be provided assistance on an individual basis by the company through the transition process," the company said.

Raytheon, which is based in Lexington, Mass., manufactures the Patriot, Tomahawk, Cruise and Sidewinder missiles.

None of these weapons were being assembled in Derry where about 150 people were employed in the software division during peak productions years.

Nevertheless, the plant has been the target more than once over the years for anti-war demonstrators though the operation enjoyed strong support over the years from former SDLP leader John Hume.

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