Great Scott

It seems that there were multiple forces in play as voters went to the polls but many around the country, we sense, would prefer to believe that those who voted for Brown - citizens who enjoy a state run health care system that is unique among the fifty states - were not doing so primarily to send a man to Washington in order to scuttle Ted Kennedy's dream of a health care system available to all Americans.

Surely there's more to this landmark victory than that.

Brown is on record as being critical of the plan being put forward by congressional Democrats and the Obama administration. There is much about the bill, and the muddled process behind it, that is open to criticism, not least the pork additives designed to secure the votes of a couple of Democratic senators unworthy of their national role.

What might be an idea now is for U.S. Senator Scott Brown, flush with success and obvious voter appeal, to take up the cause of healthcare reform himself.

He could propose a combination of the Massachusetts plan he voted for as a State Senator, and the enviably expansive one he will enjoy as a member of the U.S. Senate.

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