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DateJanuary 26, 2018

LocationThe Manhattan Club at Rosie O’Grady’s in New York City

This annual event celebrates the brave men and women in law enforcement work hard to keep us safe and to keep society running smoothly.

In their honor, the Irish Echo, in 2009, inaugurated the Irish Law and Order awards.

The 2018 listing of America’s Most Distinguished Law and Order Leaders includes police officers, corrections officers, federal law enforcement officers, lawyers working in the offices of district attorneys AND professionals working within the Justice Department, will be published in the Irish Echo.

We are now calling for nominations for our 2019 list.  Please click on the link above to submit a nomination.

For all enquiries please contact Tracey Quilligan on Tel: (212) 482-4818 or Email: [email protected]


2018 Honorees

Andrew Smith
Brian Green
Conor McDonald
Francis O'Brien
Gregory- Longworth
Jerome Teahan
John Barry
John Flynn
Kayla Maher
Kevin McDonough
Mathew Gilhooley
Matthew Smith
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Walker
Michael Clancy
Michael Cullinan
Michael Dowd
Michael Greaney
Michael Mageary
Richard Desmond
Thomas Rice
Timothy Black


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