Irish Business Awards Nomination

The Irish American Business Awards 2020

Call for Nominations

Building on the success of our business awards in Philadelphia (2018) and Boston (2019), the Irish Echo is delighted to host the Irish American Business Awards in The Drake Hotel, Chicago on Friday, June 26th 2020.

We are encouraging nominations for standout business leaders from two sectors:

  1. Exceptional Irish American Business Leaders who have won a reputation for both top quality products and outstanding customer care. The persons nominated will also be champions of innovation, can show evidence of continuous investing in their workforce and be renowned for achieving significant and subtainable business growth. Those nominated could be senior executives of national or multi-national companies or be business founders. All nominees most demonstrate a pride in their Irish American heritage.
  2. Business leaders who have pioneered transatlantic investment from the US to Ireland, north and south, in the form of foreign direct investment, business partnerships or capital investments. These business leaders will understand the benefits of investing on the island of Ireland and be committed to business expansion which benefits both the US and Ireland. Among the bluechip companies in Chicago which boast senior executives who are rightly proud of their track record of making Ireland a European hub for their global operations are Allstate, CME, CBOE, Baker & McKenzie and Telnyx.

The success of the Irish Echo events’ arm enables us to continue our mission of providing a first-class, independent news service to Irish America. For over 90 years, we’ve been reporting on the Irish American adventure in the US, highlighting the challenges and celebrating the achievements of the Irish American community across 50 States. Ensure our continued success by supporting our events.

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