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DateMay 18, 2018

LocationUnion League,


Irish Small Business Big Impact 50, Philadelphia, Friday 18 May 2018 in association with Irish Business Chamber and Network and premier business partner MRP Philadelphia’s largest Irish-owned business.

The Irish Echo and the Irish American Business Chamber and Network are joining forces to bring the 2018 Irish Small Business Big Impact 50 Awards to Philadelphia on Friday 18 May.

The Irish Small Business Big Impact 50 will honor the entrepreneurs and business leaders who form the very backbone of the American economy: doers and risk-takers who have ensured that where businesses are being built and wealth created, there you will find the Irish.

Our nominees will be individuals who have displayed entrepreneurial can-do to make their enterprises stand out in their field. While representing myriad sectors, they will all share a commitment to business excellence and a pride in their Irish heritage.

The biggest Irish-owned company in Philadelphia, MRP, will headline our business partners in a sparkling occasion which will mark the 90th anniversary of the Irish Echo — Irish America’s oldest and largest newspaper — and allow us to place a special spotlight on many of the small businesses which make up the IABCN.

For more information, contact:
Tracey Quilligan, Executive Director Irish Echo, 165 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, email [email protected], phone 212-482-4818
Alanna Barry-McCloskey, Business Manager, Irish American Business Chamber & Network, Inc. 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, email [email protected], phone 215-772-3101.


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