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Irish First Responder Awards

Nominate 2018

DateNovember 9, 2018

LocationRosie O’Grady’s, 800 Seventh Avenue, NY

The Fifth Annual First Responder Awards will take place Friday, November 9th, at The Manhattan Club at Rosie O’Grady’s, 800 Seventh Avenue, NY.

The Irish Echo will pay tribute to the men and women who have, over the years, played such a vital role, not only in serving their communities, but in adding chapter after honorable chapter to the story of the Irish in America. The awards honor all who serve in the front line of Fire and EMS departments around the nation. Award winners are drawn from Firefighters and EMS personnel who work in every state, and who are nominated by the public.

Our past honorees were firefighters and paramedics from as far afield as Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois and Arizona – so this is truly a national event. These gatherings are a celebration of the great tradition of families, and succeeding generations in families, stepping up as our nation’s first responders.

*Tickets are $175 per person*

TO PURCHASE TICKETS call 212-482-4818

To book tickets for this event please contact Tracey Quilligan on Tel: (212) 482-4818 or Email: [email protected]

For advertising and sponsorship packages please contact: (212) 482-4818

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