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Rock’s honesty on fees praised

July 29, 2020


Ballymun Kickhams’ Dean Rock against lining up a free against Skerries Harps on Saturday. Ballymun won 3-18 to 0-12. INPHO/RYAN BYRNE


By P.J. Cunningham

It’s never been a surprise to see Dublin been a surprise to see Dublin place-kicker Dean Rock nail important frees in high-stake games – but he did shock the GAA public last week by admitting that he charges premium rates to those seeking to learn about his technique.

Fees at his training academy were reported to be between €350 and €650 for two sessions, the higher charge for groups of four. While there was an initial shock of a GAA player getting paid for coaching, since then Rock has been praised by former players, including ex-Meath star Bernard Flynn. “He’s actually being honest and up-front, and I commend him for that.”

With managers and trainers and other background specialists earning up to €500 a week, Rock’s decision to go public shows a refreshing honesty and lack of hypocrisy. Why shouldn’t he benefit from his expertise – if there is a demand for it.

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He is one of Dublin’s most accessible players when it comes to giving of his time for charitable purposes and as a person who was studying into his late 20, he has a right to prepare for his future life.

As Bernard Flynn points out, there is no difference between Rock doing this or charging for appearing at a fund-raising function or giving a speech.

“A lot of the top guys are commanding fairly big fees to do certain things. More than Dean is charging let me tell you, because I know of the fees that some of them charge,” Flynn revealed.

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