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Category: Asset 6This Irish America

Our shared histories

April 16, 2018


There was an “Irish Outsiders” tour beginning at 2:45 at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum on last Thursday afternoon. It’s about the Moore family who, as many readers will know, moved into 97 Orchard St. in 1869. But the Irish Echo instead accepted the invitation from recently-appointed board member Dr. Christine Greer to join the 2:45 tour of the newest exhibit, “Under One Roof,” which updates the story at 103 Orchard St. It tells of the lives of post-World War II refugee, migrant and immigrant families – the Epsteins, the Velezs and the Wongs (a story will follow). Fordham University’s Dr. Greer, the author of “Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and The Pursuit of the American Dream,” has herself immigrant roots via her Bahamian paternal grandmother.

For more details about programs and the Tenement Museum’s gala on next Tuesday evening, April 24, go here.


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