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Hollywood and Vatican closer than you might think

March 21, 2012

By Staff Reporter

Ted Williams.

I couldn’t help but making a comparison between our recent trip to the “Eternal City” and “La La Land”, the Vatican and Hollywood in the absence of sobriquets.

Now this might come as a surprise to some, but religion and the movie and entertainment industry are two of my favorite interests. I follow  the news relating to these two areas as closely as sports and politics.

I’ve found that recently, politics has become elitist and boring, while professional sports has become arrogant and out of touch with average people.

I grew up admiring sports heroes like Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson and Stan Musial, political icons like Governor Al Smith, U.S. Speaker of the House John W. McCormack, and Mayor James Michael Curley – Men who had to work hard for everything they ever achieved; men who never compromised their values or where they came from, and the people they represented.

Contrast them to the so-called political leaders of today, leaders who fall in line with wealthy special interest groups and financial power brokers on the left and right, this in order to remain in office and power.

Unfortunately, not enough good political reporters have the resources, or credibility, to level the playing field.

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Watching the recent Academy Awards on TV, the thought occurred to me that if we could only develop a more positive relationship between the entertainment industry and moral values, what an incredible and important partnership that would be in the world.

Two institutions with great appeal, reaching out to each other, not in order to convert anyone to their respective ideology, but to complement their professions and ability to connect with large numbers of people.

It’s my opinion that some of the greatest movies have inspired millions of people and have helped make society a better place.

“The Artist” proved that movie fans, like me, are still looking for the “good ole days,” not just flash-in-the pan sex symbols and movies that lack both artistic and sustaining messages of hope, entertainment and a message of respect for one another.

I’m still of the opinion that people love movies, but they won’t support movies that distress them, or fail bring out the best in them.

Who knows, maybe traditional values of faith, family and respect are about to be discovered in Hollywood once again. If so, this would be appropriate as, after all, Hollywood and the Vatican are places were the stars always shine.


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