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Category: Archive

Echo Editorial: Christmas for all

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

This is a special time of year for Irish Americans, and for the Irish everywhere. We think about our families, plan our Christmas gatherings, choose fine food and drink to share, pick presents, and even anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus.
In Ireland’s booming economy, this year will be a record-breaker when it comes to spending. But do not fear that Irish Americans will be overshadowed by their relatives back in Europe — Christmas here has long been a vast and lavish celebration, and 2005 will be no exception.
But amidst the joy and the excitement, we perhaps should pause to ask: Have we left anyone behind?
The story on page 8 of today’s Irish Echo suggests we may have.
So let’s a have a great Christmas this year. And let’s do it the Irish way – we’ll do it together.

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